NACS' Maryland Neuroimaging Center (MNC)

Made possible by a $2 million award from the NSF, the MNC will house a new fMRI scanner and the University's existing MEG, a combination that exists at only a couple of locations in the country. The center opens in Summer 2011.

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The Program in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science at the University of Maryland offers research and training opportunities in neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience and computational neuroscience with internationally-renowned faculty who interact among three campuses: in Baltimore City, at Baltimore County and at College Park. Each campus offers graduate training leading to a Ph.D. degree.


The NACS Maryland Neuroimaging Center (MNC) Center exponentially advances the university's already considerable capacity for research on the human brain. learn more >>>

News Highlights
09/05/14 Congrats to Andrew Venezia!
NACS student Andrew Venezia was awarded a National Research Service Award (NRSA). Andrew is a 4th year student and his adviser is Steve Roth.

07/03/14 Jonathan Simon and Elliot Hong awarded UMCP-UMD seed grant!
Jonathan Simon (UMCP)and Elliot Hong (UMB) were awarded a UMCP-UMB seed grant. The grant is "Temporal Auditory Coding in Schizophrenia and Treatment-Resistant Auditory Hallucination." read more >

06/27/14 New paper from Kanold Lab!
Postdoctural fellow Dr. Xiangying Meng is first author on a new paper in the Journal of Neuroscience. The paper is entitled "Differential Signaling to Subplate Neurons by Spatially Specific Silent Synapses in Developing Auditory Cortex." read more >

06/09/14 Congratulations to Sara Therrien!
NACS student Sara Therrien successfully defended her dissertation, "Diving Bird Hearing." Sara is co-advised by Catherine Carr and Alicia Berlin.

06/06/14 Article by Leopold Lab selected for F1000 Prime
An article by NACS faculty David Leopold and colleagues, including NACS student Adam Jones, was selected for F1000 Prime: "Face-selective neurons maintain consistent visual responses across months." A nice commentary by Doris Tsao is available at . read more >

05/20/14 NACS faculty receives grant from BSOS!
Alex Shackman, Luiz Pessoa and Dave Seminowicz (University of Maryland, Baltimore) were awarded a Level II Dean's Research Initiative grant from the College of Behavioral and Social Science. The award will support collaborative research aimed at understanding the neural circuitry shared by anxiety,

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