NACS' Maryland Neuroimaging Center (MNC)

Made possible by a $2 million award from the NSF, the MNC will house a new fMRI scanner and the University's existing MEG, a combination that exists at only a couple of locations in the country. The center opens in Summer 2011.

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Rodolphe Gentili

Position: Assistant Professor
Departments: Kinesiology
Affiliations: School of Public Health
Research Areas: Neuromorphic Engineering and Sensory-Motor Integration, Network Models and Pattern Recognition
Research Levels: Systems Neuroscience, Theory and Computational Modeling
Research Approaches: Brain Imaging, Human Behavior, Theory/Modeling, Hardware Modeling/Robotics
Research Note: Dr. Gentili's research focuses on the neural and computational principles underlying (overt, covert) sensorimotor performance and learning in Human, allowing then, a future implementation of similar principles for adaptive control of anthropomorphic robotic systems.
NACS Status: Regular
Contact: 2144 School of Public Health Bldg
College Park, MD 20742


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Kaushik Ghose (NACS Ph.D 2005) works in Dr Moss's Batlab studying the sonar beam patterns of flying echolocating bats as they chase insects. Kaushik hopes to discover how the percept of the environment can be formed entirely through sound. | More |


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