NACS' Maryland Neuroimaging Center (MNC)

Made possible by a $2 million award from the NSF, the MNC will house a new fMRI scanner and the University's existing MEG, a combination that exists at only a couple of locations in the country. The center opens in Summer 2011.

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Summer Research Internships
for Undergraduates

NACS faculty frequently employ undergraduate students as summer research interns. Each lab has its own requirements and application process. If you are interested in a summer research internship, contact the NACS faculty directly. (Click here to go to the NACS faculty webpage.)





Maria Chait (Ph.D 2006) moved from Tel Aviv, Israel to join the NACS program. She works with researchers in the US, Japan and France with Dr. Poeppel employing functional brain imaging (MEG) to study the cortical systems that involved in the processing of auditory information. In short, Maria seeks answers to how a listener is able to segregate sounds. | More |





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